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May 21st, 2011: Nutritionist Lucie Marlo created AntlerChewz to provide a safe, healthy, alternative to bones. It's the all-natural answer for healthy teeth and gums... and dogs go crazy for them! Find out why Antlers are the best choice for your dog. LISTEN HERE

Joel Silverman has over 30 years experience training animals for the camera. A previous host of Good Dog U (Animal Planet) and a frequent guest of popular talk shows such as Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, The NBC Today in New York and other programs on CNN and MSNBC. His two books, 'What Color is Your Dog and 'Take 2, Training Solutions for Rescue Dog' address the unique challenges of adopting a rescue dog and overcoming any unwanted behaviors. Watch for his new TV show, Dog and Cat Training with Joel Silverman. LISTEN HERE

April 30th, 2011: Bud Pelsor invented the Buddy Bowl - it's amazing... no more sloshing in the car - no more wet feet and slipping across the kitchen. Plus we get an update on this week's progress in the Florida Senate which will change the lives of our Greyhounds forever. We talk to Grey2K founder, Christine Dorchak. LISTEN HERE

April 9th, 2011: The experts are in the house - Health and wellness for your pets:Strider & Holiday help in-studio

Dr. Deva & Andi BrownHolistic Veterinarian, Dr. Deva Khalsa, co-hosts Sat. April 9th. "Dr. Deva" is the author of Natural Dog and creator of Deserving Pets holistic supplements for dogs and cats. Joined by author of The Whole Pet Diet, Andi Brown, with easy, nutritious, meals to make sure your pet stays healthy. LISTEN HERE

Call-in Guests: Made in America continues with Alan Dungey from Auburn Leathercrafters and Katie's Bumpers' Jill Nazimek. Fantastic products!

The next generation of responsible pet products 2nd Place Best in Show Can't live without this in Florida!
GLOBAL PET EXPO 2011 feature interviews (click picture to listen)

Some of the Expo's top-selling new products. Meet Chase McElroy from Dura Dog, Jennifer Digrazia, inventor of PawFlex and Mark Desmond with Doggie Washer. Companies dedicated to the health and well-being of our 4-legged friends. Pure Genius!

February 26th, 2011: Meet Susan Stoltz. Sharkey Meets Kittyhead is the first in a series of books developed for young children to learn important life lessons through the eyes of Susan's precocious Jack Russell Terrier named Sharkey. Actors for Animals have embraced Susan’s book as a must-read for young and “old” alike. You won’t want to miss Susan and Sharkey’s big adventures and find out how you and your kid’s can participate in her next local event!

January 15th, 2011:
We usher in the New Year with Paul Waldau's expert insights into how we human animals choose to interact with other animals. Want to be part of building a more humane world for everyone? Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know is a must read LISTEN HERE

Dr. Paul Waldau is a scholar working at the intersection of animals studies, ethics, religion, law and cultural studies. He is currently the Barker Lecture in Animal Law at Harvard Law School and President of the Religion and Animals Institute. From 2004 through 2008 Paul was the Director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University School of Veterinary medicine. He is the author or editor of five books, including two that will appear in 2010. These are The Animal Invitation: Religion, Law, Science and Ethics in a More-than-Human World from Columbia University Press and Animal Rights in the "What Everyone Needs to Know" series from Oxford University Press.

November 5th, 2010: Q&A with Dr. Deva Khalsa. Did you know feline aids and leukemia are not death sentences. Did you know that 1 in 2.5 dogs over the age of two will develop cancer. Dr. Deva busts common misconceptions about healthcare and nutrition to help keep your pet disease free. LISTEN HERE

CLICK ME! FreeKibble.com

October 23, 2010: We're celebrating the imminent arrival of a 10,000 FreeKibble founder Mimi Ausland and Ellen DeGeneres
pound Halo pet food donation from FreeKibble.com, who have donated
over 287 tons of food to desperate dogs and cats across the country.
Click the Free Kibble logo to answer the Trivia question and donate kibble! Halo founder, Andi Brown, offers the ultimate recipe for good health for your pet. Her best-selling book, The Whole Pet Diet: Eight Weeks to Great Health for Dogs and Cats is a must read. LISTEN HERE.

David Yaskulka from Halo
joins us on the pride the new Halo leadership, including animal lover, Ellen DeGeneres, takes in being chosen the sole supplier for FreeKibbles's national program. LISTEN HERE

Gail MartinEve AdamsonOctober 9, 2010: Gail Z Martin marketing expert and author of 30 Days to Social Media Success: The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LindkedIn and Facebook brings us her 30 minute a day for 30 days guide to turning around non-profit and for-profit social networking strategies. Eve Adamson, author of Pets Gone Green is back with the latest healthy product for our feline friends - Hemp, the misunderstood weed. LISTEN HERE

August 7th, 2010: Dr. Deva Khalsa. Since beginning her holistically oriented veterinary practice over 25 years ago, Dr. Khalsa has been incorporating homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutritional Dr. Deva Khalsaadvice and allergy-elimination techniques. Today her work is a blend of sophisticated holistic techniques and traditional veterinary medicine designed to best enhance the natural strengths and attributes of her patient. Her most recent book, 'Natural Dog’ is a ‘holistic bible’ for dog owners and will soon be followed by a similar book for cats. Dr. Khalsa firmly believes in enabling our furry friends to maintain optimum health through daily nutrition and diet. LISTEN HERE

July 17th, 2010: Dr. Melinda Merck, ASPCA. Because of TV shows like CSI and Law and Order, real-life jurors expect forensic science to back up all the evidence presented to them—and animal cruelty cases are no exception. ASPCA Forensic Veterinarian Dr. Melinda Merck, who testifies as a forensic veterinary expert for animal cruelty cases around the country, literally wrote the book on using science in investigating animal cruelty!

July 24th, 2010: Sonia Zjawinski, co-founder of Pawesome.net, a great place to get a positive fix on helping the homeless pet community. The growing problem of pet abandonment and possible new gang initiations involving dog cruelty with Connie Johnson from Florida Big Dog Rescue and Anna Cooke from The New Barker Magazine with great Tampa Bay dog events and their new issue hot off the press! LISTEN HERE

June 19th, 2010: Dr. Paul Waldau. This is your opportunity to hear from one of the world's leading animal ethicists, doing his part to make a difference. If you've ever felt that doing your part for the planet doesn't mean anything, prepare to feel rejuvenated by his vision of the world. LISTEN HERE

June 5th, 2010: Professional Golfer, Ken Green credits his dogs with helping him dig deep to overcome personal tragedies and challenges. Susan Wooley from Labrador Retriever Rescue with an update on the Rescue Community coming together to help Polk County with their huge dog seizure. LISTEN HERE

Co-founder of GREY2K USA, Christine Dorchak, with their legislative mission to ban greyhound racing in Florida and the 6 other States that still condone this nightmare. LISTEN HERE and find out how you can get involved.

Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home

Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs and Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and a Few Turtles

Christine Sullivan, author of Saving Cinnamon, shares a very happy ending with Michael Cooper and Animal Tales listeners. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Big Ant from the National Geographic's new show RESCUE INK explains the origins of his biker buddies animal rescue efforts and how these
tough guys get more than a little respect from some of New York's toughest animal abusers. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

May 22nd, 2010:
Jennifer Underwood from Chase Country Veterinary and Florida Parrot Rescue is spearheading the Matter of Trust initiative to collect pet and human hair to make oil collecting "booms" to help with the Gulf crisis. Hear about the program and how you can get involved HERE / email Jennifer

April 17th, 2010: Andy Orrell and lead actor Dick Baker from the American Stage Theatre Company's musical, HAIR, join Coop with their very first dog-friendly outdoor production at Demen's landing on April 21st. Countdown to the Tampa Pet Adoption EXPO! Pat Hose from Dalmation Rescue, Sharon Espinola from St Francis and Bark N Wear's Julia Belcher all have big plans for Tampa Bay's biggest adoption event on April 24th. Click HERE for all the details. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

April 10th, 2010: April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. Todd Lawrence from Subaru of America joins us with their ongoing support of the pet community and “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” campaign. More dogs coming to the EXPO! Connie Johnson from Florida Big Dog, Mary Brigham with Florida Aussie Rescue and Jennifer John with Chinese Crested Hairless and Small Dog Rescue. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Mar 21st, 2010: Top fashion designer, Jo Jo Harder, with her fun book "Diva Dogs" for the fashion forward pooch JOIN US for Tampa Bay's first Casting Call for America's Top Dog Model! As the Spring Expo approaches we talk to the rescues about some of their hopefull attendees and specialty retailers who make the event so much fun. This week, Heidi's Legacy and Camp Bow Wow. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Feb 20th, 2010: Patrick D Smith is the definitive resource for Floridians interested in our rich and colorful past as told in his classic A Land Remembered. Meet his son Rick Smith who takes us on a fascinating journey, punctuated by the many treasured animals who made this life possible. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Feb 13th, 2010: On this Valentine's Day weekend; Betsy Rosenfeld has written the definitive guide for all you singles out there: The Complete Single’s Guide to Being a Dog Owner. Kathy Walvoord from St. Francis Animal Society is the ultimate Cat Lady of Tampa Bay with advice for choosing that romantic feline friend.

Feb 6th, 2010: Martha Sherrill with her book Dog Man; the incredible story of the man credited with saving the Akita breed. Dr. Chris Bessent is with us to answer listener questions about immune disorders and how holistic medicine helps speed recovery. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Jan 30th, 2010: Meet Charlie Carlson: Miss Scarlet is his boxer and muse for his book and the PBS show Weird Florida: Roads Less Traveled. Horst Boefinger is back with his dog Bo's blog, BoKnowsOnline.com.

Jan 23rd, 2010: Chris Machen and Dr. Gale Kaplan Stein had an idea to provide free pet care to the needy in Gainesville at St Franics House Pet Care Clinic and they're never looked back. Plus, ever see those pool jumping dogs on TV and think "my dog could do that!" Yes they can with Courteous Canine's agility training specialist Angelica Steinker LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Jan 16th, 2010: Think you're fertilizing when you don't clean up after your dog? Every day 50 tons of dog waste containing dangerous bacteria is left on the ground - hear the facts from Nanette O'Hara of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and find out how you can help get green and help restore and protect our water. Beverly Marino from Collies Florida Rescue joins us with her love of the breed, rescue efforts and their event this month at Groovy Cats & Dogs. Plus Barkbusters with tips for taming that rambunctious holiday addition to the family and Anna Cooke with events around town. Follow-up: Tea-cup pigs in Golden Globe Schwag Bags?! Disgusting. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Jan 9th, 2010: Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2009 featured so-called “Teacup” or “Micro” pigs as a must-have with celebrities Paris Hilton and the Victoria Beckham paying thousands to breeders in England for pet pigs that are supposed to stay ultra miniature. Find out these breeders are scamming the public and torturing these wonderful animals with Yvonne McIntosh, Manager of Piggy Paradise at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Kelly Naughtin from Canine Wines combines passion for good wine with the rescue community to produce a vintage experience. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Dec 12th: Internationally renowned animal advocate, Dr. Michael Fox, on ethical issues from food to Veterinary care to pharmaceuticals. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Saturday Nov 14th: LIVE from the Tampa Pet Adoption Expo - 408 Adoptions! LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Oct 24th: Lisa Hutchison, President of the Mid Florida American Pitbull Terriers Association, live from their fun weekend events at Veteran's Memorial Park. Think your best friend would be a good therapy dog - find out what's involved with Jeff Drier from Barkbusters. Tampa Vet, Dr. Jane Boston is here to continue our discussion of the benefits of acupuncture and chinese herbs for optimal pet health and Anna Cooke from The New Barker has more events around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

October 17th: Sarasota native, Lois Duncan, authored Hotel for Dogs and I Know What You Did Last Summer along with over 50 other books. Lois talks about her adventure from books to movies and the incredibly involved process of shooting a dog movie. An update on Mutt Lynch Winery's "About Town" events benefiting pet rescues and Anna Cooke has the Pet Event Calendar. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

October 10th: New York Post columnist Julia Szabo takes on toxic pet toys and tells us about her experiences at the one of a kind Rescue Ink launch party in New York City. Cheryl Stine from Labradot Retriever Rescue checks in with their Senior dog program and Chris Lynch from Mutt Lynch Winery talks about his passion for producing fine wines and helping pet rescues. Meet Chris in person at our two big Pet Expo fundraising events MORE

October 3rd: Dr. Janell Osborn specializes in holistic treatments for pets in her care with amazing results. "My dog could barely walk and we were thinking about extreme solutions if we couldn't improve her quality of life. The day after her first Acupuncture treatement with Dr. Osborn she was running around like a puppy."
Art Fyvolent from Pit Positive is in studio and we're joined by SPOT with their Halloween Spay-Neuter special.

Saturday, September 26th: Big Ant from the National Geographic's new show RESCUE INK explains the origins of his biker buddies animal rescue efforts and how these tough guys get more than a little respect from some of New York's toughest animal abusers.

September 19th: Schar Ward's column in Dog Fancy magazine is a must read for anyone who wants to keep their home super clean and free of chemicals that can injure their pets. Jeff Drier from BarkBusters takes on Dog Parks, Kelly Heckinger is joined by GREAT Greyhound Rescue's, Kelly Faircloth, and Anna Cooke has events around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

September 12th: Horst Hoefinger with his dog Bo’s hilarious blog observations at BoKnowsOnline.com and For the Love of the Dog at Dogster.com. Bo's new book is Bad To the Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger available for pre-order at Amazon.com. Jeanine Cohen from Cat Call joins us with their ongoing PetSmart adoptions and upcoming events. Jeff Drier from BarkBusters has advice for making sure having a new baby doesn't mean getting rid of your dog and Anna Cooke joins us from the AKC sponsored Responsible Dog Ownership Day. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

September 5th: Lisa Collier Cool is a best-selling author and winner of 18 journalism awards. Her most recent article appears in Sunday’s Sept. 6th Parade Magazine. It’s called “The Dog Who Changes Lives” – about a quiet therapy dog hero named Boo. Owner of the Pinellas Bark Busters, Vito Margaritondo answers your training questions and Anna Cooke from The New Barker magazine joins us live from Innisbrook's first annual dog event and updates the very lengthy list of upcoming pet friendly venues. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

August 29th: Leigh Foster who runs the Never Say Never Feral Cat Resue and Rehab in Michigan has a unique holistic approach to taming and adopting out feral cats using Young Living essential oils. Kelly Heckinger finds out what's going on at Central Florida's Great Dane Rescue, BarkBusters' dog behaviorist and trainer Jeff Drier joins us with techniques to keep dogs with problems in their homes and save lives. Anna Cooke lets us know what's going on around town for you and your pets, including Bark at the Ballpark this evening. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Featured on the show: Meet NEMO

August 22nd: Renowned Holistic Verterinarian, Dr Deva Khalsa with her new book, Natural Dog with eye-opening advice for the well-being of your best friend. Kelly hears from the rescue community and Anna Cooke joins Michael to follow-up on the SPCA story and encourage eveyone to attend the Bark at the Ballpark event on Saturday, August 29th. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

August 15th: Friday morning's St Pete Times headline read: "Is the SPCA a No-Kill Shelter? ...Not Really" Read the article HERE. Beth Lockwood, Executive Director at the SPCA Tampa Bay, responds to article and updates us on the challenges faced by all animal rescues. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

August 8th: LISTEN Dr. Justine Lee is one of approximately 240 board certified veterinary specialists worldwide in emergency and critical care and is currently the Associate Director of Veterinary Services for Pet Poison Helpline. Find out what's really going on inside your dogs and cats and how to protect them. Our resue spotslight shines the light on CARES. Extraordinary dog trainer, Kyra Sundance, shows off some easy tips she uses to wow audiences worldwide and Anna Cooke is back with dog events around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

August 1st: LISTEN An acclaimed authority on dog training, Jean Donaldson joins us from San Francisco. She has won numerous awards, including The Dog Writer's Association of America's Maxwell Award for the best training and behavior book of the year. Her latest offering is Dogs are from Neptune – Candid Answers to Urgent Questions about aggression and other aspects of Dog Behavior – an absolute must read for anyone interested in understanding and correcting dog aggression. We talk to Bill Rogers from Gaspar's Grotto about our live 5pm broadcast adoption event and John Goodwin from the Human Society of the United States updates us on dog fighting post Michael Vick release - what's really changed? Anna Cooke is back with dog events around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

HEAR the LIVE broadcast from Gaspar's Grotto August 1, 2009

July 25th: LISTEN Lou Hawthorne, Founder and CEO of BioArts and Encore Pet Science explains the difference between genetic engineering and cloning and why a handful of pleople are opting to clone their dogs. Sharon Espinola from St. Francis Society rescue joins Kelly Heckinger to tell everyone about their upcoming Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser. Michael talks to the very engaging pet expert, Dr. Diane Pomerance who has great tips for dealing with your pets in the summer heat and Anna Cooke has the latest pet friendly happenings about town.

July 18th: LISTEN Dr. Karen Sueda, co-host of Animal Planet's Housecat Housecall, is the only pet behavior specialist in Los Angeles. She concentrates on dealing with a wide variety of pet behavior issues to ensure pets remain in their homes. Kelly Heckinger is joined by Trudy Abernante from Florida Doggie Paws. They are desperately in search of foster homes and will cover all expenses to encourage foster care for homeless pets. Author and pet lover Glenn Dromgoole is here with thoughts on the human animal bond and Anna Cooke joins us with great events around town for you and your four-legged friends. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

July 11th. LISTEN Dr. Michael Fox DVM, former vice president of The Humane Society of the United States and the author of more than 40 books on animal care, animal behavior and bioethics will discuss non-human feelings and awareness, proper nutrition in homemade pet food and the ramifications of genetic engineering. Kelly Heckinger joins us with Lisa Lewis, co-founder of CARES in Odessa, on their mission to strengthen the bond between animals and people. Stanley Coren is a scientist and Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia. He is also the best-selling author of a wide collection of pet behavior books, including Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? The Pawprints of History: Dogs and the Course of Human Events, How Dogs Think : Understanding the Canine Mind and How To Speak Dog. Anna Cook from The New Barker Magazine wraps things up with the best events around town for pet lovers of all kinds. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

July 4th - Happy Independence Day! LISTEN Need expert advice on moving your pet safely across the country or around the world? Dr. Walter Woolf has moved over 32,000 animals during the past thirty years and says it's getting less stressful. Kelly speaks with Sherri Louison from DARE - Dachshund Adoption and Rescue Effort. Dawn Lauer from The Humane Society of the United States joins Micheal with tips to keep your pets calm during the 4th's fireworks and Anna wraps up with holiday events around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

June 27th: LISTEN Continuing with June's National Adopt a Cat Month we talk to Karen Anderson, author of Just Cats, Cats Have No Masters and many others about feline behavior, Kelly Heckinger's guest is coalition member Jennifer Aaron from Florida English Bulldog Rescue - and their latest venture "Bull-Cats," Caroline Vogt, founder of Cat Lovers joins us live from their Petco adoption event with advice for feral cat caregivers, and Anna Cook has local events. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

June 20th: LISTEN Dr. James Serpell, Professor of Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare at Pennsylvannia U's School of Veterinary Medicine with startling genetic facts about dogs and breeding. Kelly Heckinger talks to L'il Lap Dog Rescue about the huge Yorkie seizure and easy way to find a wonderful lap dog any day of the year. Anna Cooke from The New Barker Magazine discusses the devotion Tampa businesses have for the pet community and has free tickets to Bark at the Ballpark, a wonderful human/dog baseball experience at George Steinbrenner Stadium. There are some left so email info@tampapets.org to get yours! LISTEN TO THE SHOW

June 13th: LISTEN Guests include Sean Lehman from the Dumb Friends League, a unique pet rescue founded in Denver Colorado in 1910 and part of a coalition very similar to our own - we find how they got their name and tips for dealing with aggressive dog behavior. Holly O'Brien, President of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay's Board joins Kelly Heckinger on the devastating effects Hilllsborough County budget cuts will have on our pet community, what they're doing about it and how we can get involved Click here for the full story. Vicki Myron, of the New York Times bestseller, Dewey the Library Cat, talks about the book becoming a movie with Meryl Streep and Anna Cooke is back with pet friendly events and venues about town.

June 6th: LISTEN Dr. Chris Bessent DVM, adds holistic methods to her Verterinary practice. Acupucture, Chinese herbs and Chiropractic treatments combine with traditional western medicine to achive amazing results. In our 4 Paws segment, Kelly Heckinger is joined by Carol Gault at Feline Folks for Adopt a Cat Month and Kelly Faircloth, President of G.R.E.A.T. Greyhound rescue, talks to Michael about founding her charity. Anna Cooke from The New Barker magazine is back with great events for pet lovers and recommendations for boarding your pet when you leave town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

May 30th: LISTEN Julia Szabo, author of the very popular "Pets" column in the New York Post, is an ardent rescue advocate and expert in designing living space to improve the human-companion bond. Some lucky member will win her latest book, Pretty Pet Friendly. In our 4 Paws segment, Kelly Heckinger is joined by Boxer lover, Lori Johannesen from Florida Boxer Rescue - we'll find out about their amazing events today and in June. Laura Maloney from the ASPCA joins us with the tragic results of the Wisconsin puppy mill raid and how to participate in getting our laws changed to stop this tragedy and Anna Cooke from The New Barker magazine is back with great events for pet lovers around town. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Previous Shows

May 23rd:
LISTEN Tiffin Shewmake, author of "Canine Courage: The Heroism of Dogs" with real stories that will amaze you; Leading Cat Expert Pam Johnson-Bennett - does your cat drive you crazy - do you wish your cat was a little more forgiving about your lifestyle - Pam has easy answers; TampaPets Contributor Kelly Heckinger with Sherry Silk, Executive Director of The Tampa Humane Society, learns about their exciting Color Matching program to increase compatibility between pets and adopters and The New Barker Magazine's Anna Cooke is back with all the fun local pet events in our community. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

May 16th: LISTEN Tina Saleks, former NYC Animal Cop and author of "Paw and Order", Consumer Advocate Susan Thixton from TheTruth AboutPetFood.com. TampaPets Volunteer reporter Kelly Heckinger talks to Crystal Jimenez from Pit Bulls Pounding the Pavement and The New Barker Magazine's Anna Cooke is back with all the fun local pet events in our community. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

May 9th:
LISTEN Marion Nestle is a Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU. She is the author of 3 prize-winning books about food safety and has turned her expertise to exposing the pet food industry in her recent book about the pet food recall, Pet Food Politics, and her upcoming book,What Pets Eat. / Anna Cooke, Founder of The New Barker Magazine joins us with dog events and the best places for 4-legged family outings in Tampa Bay / Eve Adamson, contributing editor to Dog Fancy Magazine and author of 50 books, including her latest, Pets Gone Green, which takes recycling to a whole new level. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

May 2nd: From Animal Precinct, ASPCA Animal cop, Annemarie Lucas joins Michael to talk about her wonderful experience at the Expo, how the television show came to be, and hot button animal cruelty issues. Co-founder of No More Homeless Pets . HC (with our home on the web here at TampaPets.ORG), Mary Key, explains how the coalition was formed and how it has attracted over a half million dollars in funding from the ASPCA. Ellen Taylor, Community Initiatives Manager for the ASPCA, compares Tampa's results with other markets and future goals. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

See the Adoption Expo Slide Show

April 25th: TampaPets Adoption Expo Day! Acclaimed author John Robbins on why he left the Baskin Robbins fortune behind to pursue the humane treatment of animals; Trish McMillan, the ASPCA's Director of Animal Behavior with advice of picking the right pet for your lifestyle, and; Marti Ryan from Hillsborough County Animal Services on puppy mills and the excitement of the EXPO. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

April 18th: Joel Silverman from Animal Planet's Good Dog U has spent 30 years working with a wide variety of animals and training dogs to act in movies and on television. His latest book is What Color is Your Dog, focusing on matching the right dog with the right person to foster a lifelong bond and commitment. Kathy Walvoord from St. Francis Animal Rescue shares tips for finding your perfect cat companion at Saturday's Pet Adoption Expo on April 25th and important things to know before you attend this Expo or any adoption event. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

April 11th: Francis Battista is one of the founders and directors of Best Friends Animal Society, famous for their Animal Sanctuary in Utah and groundbreaking work in every area of animal welfare. Their vision of No More Homeless Pets was the impetus to form TampaPets.ORG, No More Homeless Pets - Hillsborough County. Francis discusses the success of a summit meeting held in Las Vegas to discuss the disposition of dogs seized from dogfighting operations and the unprecedented result they were able to achieve. Francis is also responsible for holding large scale events in L.A. with record-breaking adoption numbers and looks forward to us having a very special Spring Adoption Expo on April 25th. Plus, dog trainer extraodanaire, Steve Pica, is back with more expert tips to help with your canine issues. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

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