This Week's Feel Good for Animal Lovers,

From St. Francis Animal Rescue:

Celebrate the extraordinary efforts made in Polk County and throughout our Tampa Bay community this Saturday, June 19th.

. See the YouTube promo:
. Learn how much FUN you can have this coming Saturday night
. Visit the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue Website for more details
. Make your reservations this week
. Change the future of homeless dogs and cats
. Renew your spirit.
. 50% of all donations benfit the Polk County rescue effort

Sharon Espinola
St. Francis Animal Society


From Labrador Retriever Rescue:

Thanks so much to everyone for the time and energy you have devoted to easing the plight of these dogs. Thanks to the food drive machine that collected and delivered 1,500 pounds of food to the shelter. Wag, Dog Lovers and Dog Dorks spearheaded the collection and Mike Johnson and Jerry Singster gathered and delivered the donations to Polk County. Thanks to the St. Francis and Labrador Retriever Rescue volunteers for spreading the word and rallying folks to donate.

Thanks also to each of you who have used your own resources to purchase food, leashes, brushes, treats and toys for the dogs that you come to care for. It's so overwhelming to pass through just one aisle and know how eager all of these dogs are to be the "lucky ones" that are pulled and given time in the grass. It's easy to get discouraged, easy to feel that you are hardly making a dent. The fact is, you are making a difference for each dog that you touch. You are their eyes and ears, you might be the one to notice a bloody stool, a budding yeast infection, a dog that is still hungry. We are supplementing the care that the shelter provides and they are grateful for our observations.

I would highly encourage visiting the shelter at least once, if you get the chance. If you can employ a buddy system and bring at least one other person along, it helps to have that moral support, the company on the road and just an extra set of eyes, ears and hands. Your smiling face, your gentle hands, your love and concern really do make a difference. The shelter is diligently working on creating a spreadsheet to make sure that we can maximize the number of dogs getting attention.

The silver lining in all of this is that we know that these dogs have a chance that most do not. These dogs will live, they will become someone's pet, because all of the publicity this has created will bring an outpouring of community interest in them when they are released. If only all of the shelter dogs could be so lucky!

I'd like to end this with my deepest thanks to those of you on this distribution list who serve as our eyes and ears in the shelters. I rejoice with you for every life you save and I shed silent tears for the many times your hearts break for all that are left behind. May good St. Francis hold you close and channel Divine intervention for you so that your hearts stay strong and your spirits remain whole as you continue with this labor of love.

If you are reading this, please consider visiting the shelter one evening a week if you are close by. If you are looking for someone to go with you, please add a comment that you will car pool. That will help save gas and wear and tear on the car. If you would like to make my house a rendezvous point, I live just off 75, about one mile from I-4. You are welcome to use me as a meeting point.

Thanks again to everyone for everything that you've done.


Cheryl Stine
District Coordinator
Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, Inc.