Adopt a Pet


Here are our coalition members. These organizations are dedicated to animal rescue and adoption. Some specialize in specific breeds. They would love to help you find a new pet and help a pet find its new forever home with you and your family. They can also assist in animal rescue. If you are helping a Feral Cat community, please visit this page or contact us for up to date programs in your area. Please click on the links to visit member websites.

Most of our members also list their adoptable pets on Petfinder and/or Adopt-A-Pet.

Member Name

American Black and Tan Coonhound Club
Animal Coalition of Tampa
Australian Sheppard Rescue
Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions
Big Cat Rescue
Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida
BRAT (Basenji)
Cat Lovers
Critter Adoption and Rescue Effort
Cat Call
Central Florida Great Dane Rescue
DARE [Dachshund Rescue]
English Bulldog Rescue
English Springer Rescue of America
Eskie Rescuers United
Florida All Retriever Rescue (FARR) & Friends
Florida Big Dog Rescue
Florida Great Dane Rescue
Florida Old English Sheepdog Rescue
Federal Wolf-Dog Rescue
Feline Folks
Fix N Feed Feline Feral
French Bulldog Rescue
Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Florida Dachshund Rescue
Florida Parrot Rescue
Florida Sharpei Rescue
Florida Voices for Animals
Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida
Greyhound Rescue and Adoptions of Tampa Bay
Greyhound Gang of Florida
Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue
Hillsborough County Animal Services
Hope's Haven-Chinese Crested & Hairless Dog Rescue
Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service
Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida
Lost Angels Rescue
Lucky Ones Rescue
National Humane Society
Newfoundland Rescue
Pigs 'n Buns
Pit Positive
Pit Stop Bullys
Rescuing Unwanted Friendly Fidos (RUFF)
Rugaz Rescue
Siberian Husky Rescue
Stop Pet Overpopulation Together (SPOT)
St. Francis Animal Rescue
Suncoast Basset Rescue
Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue
Tampa Bay House Rabbit Society
Tampa Bay Pug Rescue
Tampa Dogs Deserve Better
The Little Cats' Rescue
Voice of Compassion for Animal Life